Development of an innovative, compact system that combines biological treatment technologies for the sustainable and environmental management of organic waste streams that are produced from different types of food processing industries

Work Package 2

Work Package 2: Design, Manufacture and Installation of Innovative System for Combined Biological Treatment of Organic Waste from Different Sectors of the Food Industry.

The design process of the innovative system that combines three types of biological treatment technologies for the utilisation of organic waste produced by the five (5) selected sectors of the food industry, will be completed in three stages. Initially, preliminary estimates of operating parameters of the system through the development of mathematical models that will simulate each of the three types of biological treatment, both individually and in combination will be made. Subsequently, based on the results of the mathematical models, all electromechanical components of the innovative system will be sized so as to satisfy the appropriate technical requirements. Finally, with the support of appropriate design software, the process units of the system that will constitute the main innovation factor will be designed. Following the design phase, the innovative system will be constructed. Subsequently, all the procedures relating to the selection of the installation area for the placement of the system will take place and priority will be offered to a special area within the NTUA campus. Moreover, during the second work package procedures relating to the development of the logistics 'chain' of the system in order to ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply of organic waste from the selected sectors of the food - beverage industry will take place.