Development of an innovative, compact system that combines biological treatment technologies for the sustainable and environmental management of organic waste streams that are produced from different types of food processing industries

Work Package 4

Work Package 4: Evaluation of Innovative Combined Biological Treatment System for the Co-Management of Organic Waste from Different Sectors of the Food Industry / Evaluation of End Products / Investigation for further implementation

Regarding the results of the fourth work package, the functioning of the innovative system in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and energy consumption will be assessed. In this context, a technoeconomic study will be conducted including an analysis of the investment and operating costs of the system, as well as assessment of indirect and direct revenues from its operation. It will also study the quality of the produced goods compared with international quality standards in order to determine the field of implementation on the behalf of the food industries and / or for other uses. Subsequently, proposals to extend the system by exploring the economic benefits that will arise from possible future application of the system on a larger scale will be drawn up. Specifically, regarding the production of electricity and heat and water, these benefits will be associated with the ability to cover part of the native consumption of energy and water requirements of production processes in selected sectors of the food industry. These results will occur after the extrapolation of the operational parameters and technical characteristics of the innovative system to the desired scale and also establishment of the usability and functionality of the system following a feasibility study.