Development of an innovative, compact system that combines biological treatment technologies for the sustainable and environmental management of organic waste streams that are produced from different types of food processing industries

Work Package 5

Work Package 5: Publicity and dissemination of research results

The publicity and dissemination of research results are addressed to the scientific 'community', who are directly and / or indirectly involved in the management of waste from food industries and the general public. In this context, regarding publicity and dissemination of research results towards strengthening the 'cognitive research capital' within the field of biological treatment technologies, there will be series of publications in scientific journals and an international scientific conference on topics in the field. Regarding the actors involved in the management of organic waste from the food – beverage industries, but also for the general public, the project team will create a web site where the results of the research project will be periodically posted in the form of progress reports while general information on the combination of biological treatment technologies for managing organic waste from food industries, and thus production of finished products with high added value, will be provided. This way the necessity of organic waste management with an environmentally 'friendly' and sustainable manner will be macroscopically highlighted and at the same time to the implementation of the alternative technologies of the innovative system that will be developed will be put forward as a solution.