Development of an innovative, compact system that combines biological treatment technologies for the sustainable and environmental management of organic waste streams that are produced from different types of food processing industries

Work Package 1

Work Package 1: Presentation and Evaluation of Existing Practices Concerning the Management of Organic Waste of Food Industries

Within the first work package the current situation of all technologies, processing methods and disposal practices applied by the food industry which are chosen for the management of organic waste generated on both domestic and global scale will be recorded and assessed. Moreover, at global level, the best available techniques that relate exclusively to the management of organic wastes from food industries will be determined. In this context, for each sector of the food industry, the types of organic waste generated at successive stages of the production process will be documented. Moreover, regarding the use of electricity and thermal energy during anaerobic digestion, the production processes will be studied for their own consumption of energy and water supply requirements. The mapping and assessment of the existing situation, apart from the precise characterisation of the nature of the waste to be recovered through a combination of biological treatment technologies, will additionally highlight the necessity of sustainable and environmentally sound management of organic waste from the food industries.